A Brief Update

After a 15-hour flight and an eight-hour layover, I am officially an American in Botswana. I’ve been in Botswana for three full days. So far I have… Visited a local mall. Opened a bank account. Ate polenta. Learned Setswana survival phrases while preparing to live […]

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100 lbs or Less

I started packing. My things have taken over the spare bedroom in my parents’ house. Clothes scattered across the floor. Electronic wires and adapters dropped haphazardly on the plush carpet. A pan. Two paring knifes. Two journals. A kindle. My favorite pair of wedges. I […]

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Why I’m Here

I leave the United States in approximately four months and I’m terrified. I’m terrified of leaving my friends, my family, Burger King fries dipped in ketchup. (Is there a Burger King in Botswana?) I’m terrified of graduating college, leaving the place, but more importantly the […]

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