A Brief Update

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Pre-Service Training (PST)

After a 15-hour flight and an eight-hour layover, I am officially an American in Botswana.

I’ve been in Botswana for three full days. So far I have…

  • Visited a local mall.
  • Opened a bank account.
  • Ate polenta.
  • Learned Setswana survival phrases while preparing to live with a host family. (Dumela means hello. Nthusa means help me.)
  • Noticed how stylish and sharp Batswana dress.
  • Hoped Batswana do not notice how poor my ironing skills are.
  • Participated in 182345629384 team building activities with 89 other Peace Corps trainees.
  • Studied the Peace Corps Mission.
  • Talked with my supervisor about my role as a Life Skills Educator. I will work with a host country national to implement a government curriculum that aims to increase young people’s capacity, improve leadership abilities, engage youth as active citizens, and build community support. I will work alongside Batswana teachers and community members to achieve these goals.

The majority of my three days have been spent in training sessions on a compound in Gaborone, the country’s capital.

I am exhausted/happy/terrified/hopeful/inspired/excited/overwhelmed.

Tomorrow, I begin my homestay. Peace Corps trainees live with host families in a nearby village for the duration of Pre-Service Training — about ten weeks. We are matched in a large ceremony, complete with singing and maybe even a television crew.

I am privileged to be able to spend my next 27 months in Botswana. I have so much to learn.

Much love,


You cannot find peace by avoiding life — Virginia Woolf


One thought on “A Brief Update”

  1. Gelene says:

    Glad you made it! We miss you, but we’re cheering you on from here. So excited for you!


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